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Label for a Studio Portrait Photograph

6.29.20 | old art with new labels no. 4


Diane Jones, 35

Black and White Self Portrait with Children

35 mm Pentax KM, Kodak Film

10" x 8" (25.4 cm x 20.32 cm)

Young freelance mother poses with three children, for a self-timed portrait reflected in a thrift store convex eagle mirror. (Father not pictured, out of town, working hard.) Good use was made of the dress up box, not adhering to any certain character, a welcome happenstance. The studio tidy for just a bit, holds tightly to supplies for subsequent family projects: paper making, acrylic paintings, window art, cigar box purses, air dry clay salamanders, and spray-painted stick sculptures. Shutter click: a Kodak moment in time, where everyone’s future was a wide-open vista, just waiting to be explored. Strap in kids, for it’s quite a ride. 

Mom wishes:

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