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Label for a Painting Exercise

3.3.21 | old art with new labels no. 9


Diane Almeter, 17
Emulating Color/ Design Exercise, 1979
Collage and Acrylic
8” x 16” (20.32 cm x 40.64 cm)


Life’s embarrassing, yet seemingly necessary, ensuing brush strokes:

A large swath of a screaming red ‘The Power to Succeed’ abstract painting burned the soles of the artist’s feet with a dose of realistic goal setting and compassion for others.

The devil’s red tapestry of holy perfection tempered her soul with forgiveness of others behind unrelenting prison walls, eventually releasing religion from my stressors.

Red undertones of perfect parenting, stippled with mental illness, influenced, at long last, acceptance in the moment.

DE, Diane Elaine, the art of emulated living presses on, 
with red breath in and cool blue hues out. 

She remains readied for battle.

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