Do We Smell Like Oranges? © .

Do We Smell Like Oranges? is the second one act play written by Diane Jones that explores mental health and family history, all based in truth.


In 1997 Diane finds herself on suicide watch in a psychiatric hospital in Buffalo, NY.

While on a 6 day hold, she hallucinates visits from her great-great grandparents, Harriett and John Rothrock.

John himself, died an inmate at an insane asylum in 1934. 


A: Female, (36)

B: Female, (41)

C: Male, (30s - 40s) 

A as DIANE: (36) married, mother of three, in 1997

A as HAZEL: (7) Harriet and John's child in 1896

A as BRALEY: (6) Harriet and John's child in 1896

B as HARRIETT Rothrock: (41) married, mother of three, in 1905

B as ASSISTANT DESIGNER: assistant fashion designer from Long Island

C as DOCTOR: psychiatrist in a psych ward in Buffalo, NY

C as JOHN: Diane's great-great-grandfather (various ages)

C as DOCTOR OFF THE RACK: psychiatric fashion designer

C as Tim: Diane's husband

C as BRALEY: Diane's great-grandfather

SETTING: 1997 Psychiatric Ward Buffalo, NY


2020 Virtual Play New Play Reading, YouTube

Tracy Snyder, Director; Brittany Bassett as Diane; Kristen Tripp Kelley as Harriett; Todd Benzin as John and Doctors

Michelle Eisen, stage manager; Matthew Refermat, dramaturg