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The Reckoning: A Poem and Collage

By Diane Jones


A ghost still anew, my location pondered,

Now, into the park quickly I wandered.

My feet to rest among the grass kept low,

Behind the pillars, spread a table aglow.


A world war photo quick flashes my mind,

Of poses before a young wife left behind.

My ear strains o’er hill for words of an ass,

But the draw of the ancestor ghosts, lures me pass.


The head of the table, left open for me,

yet goosebumps appear as I eye attendees.

There be Clara, Alexander, John, Fran, June, and Ed,

With Nanna, and Harry; Arline passing brown bread.


A gasp leaves my lips as these characters appear,

At an afterworld feast or my reckoning, dear?

Might these great aunts, uncles, grandparents of mine

Be offended of my dramatic prose as we dine?


Fear leaves my side, as I watch soldiers and mothers,

Next to farmers, musicians, wives, fathers, and brothers.

Regardless of trials lived once on this earth,

I’ve found a safe place; one might call a new birth.


Cigar smoke drifts to the crest of the hill,

Where loved ones raise glasses of cheer to me still.

Puck calls from the stage: Give me your hands, if we be friends,

Raising my glass to my heart: life has restored amends.


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The Reckoning © .

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The Reckoning (or what's for dinner,
after the last supper?) RADIO PLAY

The Reckoning (or what's for dinner, after the last supper?) is the second radio play written by Diane Jones that explores mental health and family history, based in truth, is produced by Leaves Are Falling Fast Productions.

In this radio play, our playwright, Diane, sits down to dinner with ancestors who inspired her characters. Bring your chair to the table as we join our dinner guests, new and recurring, at this afterworld feast, a most unusual Valhalla, indeed.


DIANE, 2021 (60)

JOHANNES, 1777 (33)

HOWARD, 1945 (27)

CORA, 1905 (21)


Nick Stevens FRANCIS, 1945 (29)

Zach Bellus as HARRY, 1945 (24)

Ann Boucher as JUNE, 1945 (27)

Lisa Vitrano as HARRIETT, 1905 (41)

Todd Benzin as JOHN, 1905 (51)


2021 Radio Play

Verneice Turner as Diane; Conor Tague as Johannes; Christian Hines as Howard; Marie Costa as Cora

Matthew Refermat, Director

Maureen Sheldon, Stage Manager

Harry Jones, Audio Mastering

The Reckoning poster.jpg

Matt Refermat (he/him), a Buffalo native, has worked on stage, or off stage, in over 90 productions, spanning fifteen years. In December of 2015 Refermat returned to John F. Kennedy High School ('09) as the Producing Director of JFK Drama. Currently Refermat serves as the Vice President of the Association of Regional Theater Artists (ARTA) & is co-chair of the Standards committee. Directing credits include: Our Town, Parade, Fiddler on the Roof, Little Women: the musical and Songs for a New World. Education: PPU COPA ('13).  Luke 10:37


Verneice Turner, performance artist, Artie award winning actor, and director, is a native of Buffalo, NY. She started out at the African American Cultural Center, studying drama under June L. Saunders-Duel. She continued her studies in the performing arts at SUNY at Buffalo. She has worked with directors Edward G. Smith, Saul Elkin, Richard Gant, Lorna C. Hill and others. Verneice is happy to be under the direction of Matt Refermat in "The Reckoning". Verneice has performed in numerous productions here in WNY as well as in New York City (off off & off-Broadway), Washington, D.C. and other cities as an actor, singer, dancer and poet. She ran the art space Buffalo East from 2009-13 and is grateful to have shared that experience with so many other artists & young people. Verneice is thankful to, and for all who contribute to her growth as an artist, a person, especially her late husband, Douglas H. May & their daughter, Jasmine L. May. 


Conor Tague is very honored to be part of his very first voice over project! In 2018, he made his television debut as Cody Hill on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Previous credits include multiple productions from ActionPlay Arts such as Surreality TV, Intergalactic Crisis Center, Revenge of The Godz, and East Side Glory. Conor is also a graduate at New York Film Academy and has performed in numerous productions such as Dirty Rotten Scoundrels as Freddy Benson, Sweeney Todd as part of the ensemble, and a few new works where he originated roles such as Melvin Jessup from Quiz Bowl and Larry Lefferts in a musical version of The Age of Innocence. Conor is currently part of EPIC Players and has already participated in 2 cabarets and is looking forward to do more. Conor thanks his family and friends for all of the support and love they give him, and with that, he’s motivated to go forward with the future.


Christian Hines of Buffalo N.Y., is a junior theatre performance major at Niagara University. Previous college credits include She Kills Monsters (Miles), An Ideal Husband (Vicomte), Freaky Friday (Ensemble) (NU), What Where (Bim) (NCCC). His highschool roles include Shrek the Musical (Ensemble), Little Mermaid (Ensemble). He also co-wrote a radio play “It’s All About Time” for Buffalo Rises 2.0 at Roadless Traveled Productions. He extends his love and heartfelt gratitude to his professors, family, and friends who have supported him in every creative achievement. 


Marie Costa is grateful to have the role of Clara for this production of Diane Jones' "The Reckoning". Trained in both technical theatre and performance at Sarah Lawrence College and BADA, Marie has gladly worked in the WNY area for over 20 years and was lucky enough to meet Diane while they worked together on a local show.  Perpetually thankful to her family and friends for their love and support and to this community of creation that has supported her in her passions, Marie dedicates her work on this show to those family members of her own with whom she'd love to have a chat but never got the chance. 

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